‘Connect’ Activity Service

The ‘Connect’ Activity Service was born from the merger of the Adult Training and Leisure Time Services, and aims to offer comprehensive care and support to people aged 18 and over with intellectual disabilities (ID), informing them on the variety of possibilities that free time provides.

'Connect' offers a range of training exercises and entertainment activities, provides spaces to meet people and administers the support necessary to help individuals choose, participate in and make the most of free-time activities.


  • To encourage independent decision-making and development of personal interests and tastes.
  • To provide a training space that allows people to gain the knowledge and practice the skills necessary to enjoy greater independence.
  • To accompany and support each individual when creating and carrying out their free-time plan.
  • To promote a variety of opportunities allowing individuals to make use of their time, share experiences, train, travel and make friends.
  • Facilitate access to the communal free time activities on offer in the city.

Courses and workshops program

Thanks to its variety of courses and workshops, this program gives individuals the chance to participate in a variety of both training and recreational activities in their free time.

These training courses aim to work on and implement the  skills necessary for an individual’s personal growth and social development as an active and independent member of the community. On the other hand, the purpose of the workshops is for participants to learn and have a good time, meeting people similar to themselves.

Some activities are weekly, while others take place from time to time, on an ad-hoc basis or in intensive sessions, alongside the regular course of events.


Activities among friends

The purpose of this program is to provide spaces for people to interact and share tastes and interests, as a way of making new friends.

Groups go away for weekends to complete activities chosen and organised by themselves.


 The Tourism program encourages participants to visit new places and share and make the most of new experiences. It helps them organise trips during holidays: choosing the destination, organising transport, the layout of the rooms, activities to do, etc.

Furthermore, this support is given to groups of friends to help them plan weekend getaways.

Community activities

The purpose of this program is to assist, encourage and give individuals the chance to participate in the range of socio-cultural and training activities on offer in their community.

This involves someone helping the disabled individual(s) in their day-to-day activities. We do this in two ways:

- Working with the disabled, to advise, accompany and support them when researching and carrying out their chosen activity.

-  Working with community staff, training them how to welcome individuals with ID and explain and promote the services on offer.

Use your mornings

This is a day-care service for individuals who, for various reasons, find themselves doing nothing.

The main aim of the ‘Use your mornings’ program is to maintain and enrich individuals’ cognitive abilities and life skills through a series of cultural, artistic, training and leisure activities in a flexible and motivating environment.


These activities are centred on a variety of topics:

  • Art space: drawing and painting
  • Stretching and warm-up activities
  • Socio-cultural activities
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Personal independence
  • Entertainment and leisure activities


Focus and Awareness

The service team advises and collaborates with institutions, professionals, and community facilities, stressing to them the importance of including people with ID in the community.

It cares for families, providing them with guidance on the social participation of individuals with ID, and working towards their participation in ordinary activities in a natural environment.

The Service Team is a group of specialised professionals, assisted by volunteers and trainees studying a variety of social science-based degrees.

Important Information

Tel. +34 932 157 423 (ext. 0)
Fax +34 932 157 699
E-mail: connecta@fcsd.org

Public opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 - 19:30
Friday: 9:00 - 14:00
Visits by appointment only.

Aimed at:
Adults aged 18 and over with intellectual disabilities

The team

  • Teachers
  • Psychologists and neuropsychologists
  • Support team members
  • Team of university professors
  • Volunteers

With the support

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