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The Adult Training Service is offering those with an intellectual disability, and who are over the age of 16, the opportunity to gain training through the proposal of various programmes:

  • Training programme
  • Intervention programme.
  • «Seize the morning»



Training programme: Courses and workshops

The training programme offers the possibility of education through the offer of various courses and workshops. These are directed at those who wish to gain or build on their instrumental and practical knowledge, giving the students the opportunity to discover and put into practice the necessary skills needed to become a socially active member of the community.
The courses are specific and are formed exclusively for those with an intellectual disability. They all have the objective of enhancing and influencing the development and independence of each person. In these courses the learning and progress of the competencies emerges from the training through small interactive groups where the participants share and exchange experiences. These exchanges mark the point of departure from the experiment and the development of this knowledge and new learning.

The workshops are mixed and formed of people with and without an intellectual disability. Thanks to the collaboration of the volunteers without a disability who participate as students, an integrated group is formed. In this case, the learning is borne as a result of the interactions between the participants where everyone contributes and learns together. For more information on the training offers this year, consult the programme of Training Activities.

Activities Programme «Seize the Day»

This is a daily service for elderly people who find themselves inactive or people in situations of temporal inactivity whom for diverse reasons cannot integrate in any other programme.

The main objective of Seize the Day is to maintain and enrich the cognitive competencies and functions of these people through a series of educational, cultural, artistic and fun activities that take place in a flexible and motivational environment.

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