• ANNIVERSARY 30th Anniversary of the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down
  • CONGRESSES XII Down Syndrome International Congress
  • AWARDS Placa al Treball President Macià


  • Anniversaries 25th Anniversary of the Leisure and Participation Service.
  • Launch of a cross-topic education program in human rights.


  • ANNIVERSARIES 25th Anniversary of Down Medical Centre.
  • Awards Ramon de Teserach Award for the work done by the Down Medical Center for the promotion of health.
  • Awards XII Xavier Fàbrega Solidarity Prize to the FCSD for its work in favour of solidarity projects
  • The Down Medical Center establishes the Down’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease unit.
  • I Cicle of conferences aimed at people with intellectual disabilities.


  • CDIAP and Independent Living Support Service earn 2001:2008 certification.
  • New Web 2.0 website. Accessible for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • EXIT21, the first blog written and coordinated by people with DS, launched.
  • «Benvinguts a casa», group of self-managing persons, set up.


  • ANNIVERSARIES 10th anniversary of the Independent Living Support Service.
  • CONGRESSES International Commemorative Symposium, Independent Living: The Right To Decide
  • AWARDS Queen Sofía Award for Disability Prevention “for the work done by the Down Medical Center team to provide medical answers to the dilemmas faced by families of people with DS through biomedical research, health care development, dissemination and sharing of medical knowledge, with reliable social and employment integration as the outcome”.
  • SD-DS International Medical Journal on Down Syndrome indexed in Scopus.
  • Catalan Health Institute loads DS growth charts in computerized medical histories and in primary health care physicians' workstations.
  • «Protagonistes», first group of self-managing young persons, set up.
  • Mainstream School Support Service expanded to 3-to-6-year-olds.


  • Anniversaries 25th Anniversary of the FCSD. Keynote lecture on “Abilities, Disabilities, Human Rights” by Federico Mayor Zaragoza, President of the Fundación Cultura de la Paz.
  • CONGRESSES X International Conference on Down Syndrome: Conquering Dignity.
  • Awards Cross of Saint George (Creu de Sant Jordi) awarded to the FCSD by the Government of Catalonia to acknowledge “a brilliant track record in improving quality of life for people with DS or other intellectual disabilities. The organization’s work facilitates integration of these persons within society and helps them achieve the highest level of dignity, respect, independence and well-being”.


  • Awards Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain presents the Spanish Ministry of Employment's 2007 Golden Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity to Montserrat Trueta "to acknowledge her dedication, devotion and advocacy supporting the rights of people with disabilities and for her work at the helm of the FCSD".


  • I Annual Meeting of FCSD Clients and Families.
  • Congresses IX International Conference on Down Syndrome. Towards the Third Age: Challenges and Hopes.
  • Anniversaries 20th Anniversary of Down Medical Centre. “Dreams with Solidarity at the Liceu” benefit gala.
  • Awards Gold Medal awarded to the FCSD by the Spanish Red Cross, “for work done in favor of persons with DS”.


  • SD-DS International Medical Journal on Down Syndrome indexed in the Spanish Health Science Database, Índice Bibliográfico Español en Ciencias de la Salud (IBECS).
  • Awards Solidarity Award in the Third Edition of the Llongueras Fashion and Image Awards for being the organization that contributed the most to solving one of Spain's social problems in 2005”.


  • Congresses III International Conference on Chromosome 21 and Medical Research on Down Syndrome, and meeting of the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG).
  • The Social Skills and Preparation Program (PAS) is split into the Adult Lifelong Training Service and the Leisure Service.
  • Therapy Care Service consolidated as a service provided across the board.


  • Anniversaries 20th Anniversary of FCSD. Keynote lecture on “Human Rights in the 21st Century” by Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Nobel Peace Prize winner.
  • AWARDS Gold Medal of Honor of the Parliament of Catalonia awarded to Mrs. Montserrat Trueta for “her work and dedication to improving quality of life for people with DS and social integration for people with disabilities”.


  • Congresses VIII International Conference on Down Syndrome. Building the Future: Questions for Today. Answers for Tomorrow.


  • AWARDS Special Award received by the FCSD in the First Edition of the Catalonia Education Awards organized by the Department of Education to acknowledge “hard work and exceptional dedication in favor of school and social integration of children with DS”.
  • Job Integration Service earns ISO 9001:2000 certification. Renewed annually.


  • SAP renamed CDIAP (Center for Child Development and Early Intervention)
  • First contest for research papers on people with Down syndrome by 12th-grade students in Catalan schools.
  • CDBR included in the Joint University Catalog for Catalonia (CCUC).
  • CONGRESSES II International Conference on Chromosome 21 and Medical Research on Down Syndrome, and meeting of the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG).


  • "I'm Going Home" Independent Living Support Service set up, for people with disabilities to be able to choose where to live and whom to live with. FCSD role is to organize the requisite support for the implementation of an Independent Living Plan developed jointly with the person, as well as to assist with establishing or maintaining social ties and relationships.


  • ANNIVERSARIES 15th Anniversary of FCSD. Memorial lecture on “Development and Aging in People with Down Syndrome” by Prof. Ira Lott of the University of California at Irvine.
  • Preparation and Social Skills Service (PAS) set up. Subsuming the Youth Autonomy Program, PAS prepares and trains young adults with DS to develop their social skills, while promoting and encouraging leisure activities. People with other learning disabilities included since 2001.
  • SD-DS International Medical Journal on Down Syndrome indexed in EMBASE/Excerpta Medica and Índice Médico Español (IME).
  • CONGRESSES VII International Conference on Down Syndrome: Becoming an Adult.


  • Early Intervention Service becomes a free, publicly funded service.
  • Official end of projects funded by the TV3 telethon.
  • Specific height and weight growth charts produced for Spanish children with DS. Data obtained from the FCSD database. Currently used by most Spanish pediatricians.


  • Síndrome de Down. Articles i Resums Científics per a Professionals changes its masthead: SD-DS International Medical Journal on Down  Syndrome. Published three times a year and distributed free of charge in Spanish and Catalan, with English-language abstracts. All issues since 2002 available online at www.fcsd.org.
  • CONGRESSES I International Conference on Chromosome 21 and Medical Research on Down Syndrome, including presentation of the results of research projects funded by the 1993 TV3 telethon. Highlighted research includes gene maps of various regions in chromosome 21 and an FCSD-generated database of over 1200 computerized clinical histories; currently over 2100.


  • “Col·labora” Job Integration Service set up to place people with learning disabilities in mainstream workplaces using natural support.
  • First therapy groups for siblings of people with DS.
  • FCSD website set up. Own domain – www.fcsd.org – from 1999.


  • Master's Degree course in Early Intervention, second edition.
  • CONGRESSES VI International Conference on Down Syndrome: People with Down Syndrome Moving Towards Adulthood.


  • Anniversaries 10th Anniversary of FCSD. Keynote lecture on "Education for All in the Year 2000". by Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Director General of UNESCO.
  • 10 research projects launched using the funds raised in the 1993 telethon.


  • AWARDS Catalonia 92 Public Relations Award granted to the FCSD “for its achievements in publicity and communication”.
  • TV3 telethon "La Marató de TV3" collects funds for research on chromosome 21 "to gain further knowledge of chromosome-21 dysfunction and prevent or palliate the effects of excess genetic material".
  • Congresses V International Conference on Down Syndrome: Relating to Others to Build an Identity. Medical and Psychopedagogical Advances.


  • AWARDS Creu de Sant Jordi medal awarded by the Government of Catalonia to Mrs. Montserrat Trueta, Chair of the FCSD Board of Trustees, for “her outstanding work for the social integration of people with disabilities”.
  • Graduate course becomes a Master’s Degree in Early Intervention endorsed by the University of Barcelona.


  • Open Classroom II set up, reinforcing and extending Open Classroom I. Both are merged in 1998.
  • Congresses IV International Conference on Down Syndrome: Becoming Autonomous.


  • Open Classroom I. An exchange forum for mainstream school staff teaching pupils with DS.
  • Graduate course extended from 45 classroom hours to 2 years.


  • Launch of first job integration program for young people with DS, "Projecte Aura".
  • I Ramon Trias Fargas Biennial Award for Research.
  • CONGRESSES III International Conference on Down Syndrome: Teens and young adults. Medical and psycho-educational advances..


  • AWARDS INSERSO Photography Award for the “Integration in Sports” set of photographs.
  • Youth Autonomy Program set up.
  • Quarterly series of lectures for parents and professionals on health and psycho-educational issues.
  • Resource Center created to promote awareness, lifelong training, research, and dissemination.
  • CDBR joins Barcelona Coordination Group for Biomedical Documentation (Coordinadora de Documentació Biomèdica de Barcelona).
  • Journal Síndrome de Down, Treballs i Resums Científics per a Professionals begins to include original unpublished articles. Contributors include Down Medical Centre staff members. Spanish-language edition of this journal first appears under the title Síndrome de Down, Artículos y Resúmenes Científicos. Sent to all pediatricians in Spain.


  • FCSD becomes a founding member of the European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA).
  • Down Medical Centre set up with the seal of approval of the Catalan Government’s Health Department.
  • Specialized Toy Library opens. Closed in 1997.
  • Follow-Up Service authorized by the Catalan Department of Education and renamed the Psychopedagogical Follow-Up and Support Service, for primary-school grades 1 to 4. Group therapy for children with DS addressing such issues as identity, symbolic play, communication, relating to others, and autonomy. Extended in 1991 to all six years of primary schooling and renamed Mainstream School Support Service.
  • Congresses II International Conference on Down Syndrome: The School-Age Child. Medical and Psychopedagogical Advances.


  • Development of Spain’s first Preventive Health Program for people with DS, inspired by M. Coleman and P.T. Rogers’ Down Syndrome Checklist.Comprises 12 specialities, later increased to 19.
  • Follow-up Service set up for children with DS in mainstream schools.
  • First publication of Síndrome de Down. Treballs i Resums Científics per a Professionals; a free triannual bulletin – the Catalan translation of Papers and Abstracts for Professionals – sent to pediatricians all over Catalonia.
  • First graduate course on “Children's Psychological Disorders. Study and Treatment” organized jointly with the University of Barcelona. Held annually until 1990.
  • Parental therapy groups launched.


  • Begoña Raventós Documentation Centre (CDBR) opens; originally specializing in Down syndrome and then extended to disabilities at large.
  • Catalan Department of Health and Social Welfare sets up its Early Intervention Sectoral Program; the FCSD Early Intervention Service becomes a part of it and is extended to children with disabilities other than Down syndrome.
  • Congresses International Conference on Down Syndrome: State of the Art. Medical, Psychological and Educational AdvancesHeld biennially.


  • FCSD established 30 March 1984, and declared of public utility on October 24th.
  • Information and Care Service for People with Down Syndrome set up.
  • Early Stimulation Service (later renamed “Early Intervention Service”) set up and accredited by the Child Development and Mental Retardation Center at the University of Washington.


  • Spain's Law for the Social Integration of the Handicapped (LISMI) unanimously passed in Spain's Parliament (Cortes Generales); promoted by Ramon Trias Fargas, chair of the drafting committee and subsequently co-founder of the FCSD.