Improving Mental Health for People in Situations of Mental Disability: A Matter of Wellbeing

Barcelona, 21-22 October 2020

Virtual event – Live streaming

Auditorium, UPF Barcelona School of Management
(c/ Balmes, 132-134)

Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down will be holding the virtual meeting Barcelona Down International Conference on October 21-22, 2020 to further learning about the main mental health issues faced by people with intellectual disabilities, including their diagnosis and treatment. The conference will also include the presentation of the 16th Ramon Trias Fargas Award for Research.

For many years, people who have mental health conditions or display maladaptive behavior compounding an intellectually disabling situation have gone undiagnosed and failed to receive appropriate treatment. Interest in this issue has grown over time, and expanding knowledge has led to the development of a variety of models used to understand and address the needs of this population.

While on the one hand better living conditions, including medical care, inclusive education, mainstream employment, and independent living, among others, have significantly improved quality of life, on the other hand persistent discrimination, overprotection, and the demands of the modern world require new adaptations entailing potential contradictions that can lead to maladjusted functioning and disrupt emotional wellbeing. Current life scenarios need to be analyzed, and vulnerability factors must be prevented.

We hope to use the conference to expand our knowledge of mental health issues in people with intellectual disabilities, including prevalence data, the specificities of drug-based and psychotherapy-based treatments, and different ways of addressing mental health needs in social and educational contexts, including provision of support and counseling for families, carers, and other reference persons.

There will be an opportunity to present scientific posters.

Further information: congres@fcsd.org

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