Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down will be holding an international conference on mental health and intellectual disability on October 21-22, 2020 to further learning about the main mental health issues faced by people with intellectual disabilities, including their diagnosis and treatment.

We hope to use the conference to expand our knowledge of mental health issues in people with intellectual disabilities, including prevalence data, the specificities of drug-based and psychotherapy-based treatments, and different ways of addressing mental health needs in social and educational contexts, including provision of support and counseling for families, carers, and other reference persons. Mental health care providers (psychologists and psychiatrists) and other related professions (including educationalists, teachers, and social workers, among others) are invited to submit scientific posters for presentation at the conference.



· Poster submissions should be in by September 15, 2020. Poster acceptance or rejection will be announced on September 30, 2020.

· Posters must be of a scientific or technical nature and submissions must include title, all author names, and full affiliations.

· Authors should upload two different documents: poster (PDF) and 2/3 minutes video (AVI or MP4) briefly explaining the content of the poster.

· Posters may be submitted in Catalan, Spanish, or English.

· At least one author must be registred as a conference participant.

· The organizers reserve the right to reject or accept submissions.

· Submissions will only be accepted via the online poster form.


* Posters and videos will be available on the FCSD website, and will be broadcast during live breaks on October 21-22.

Further information: