Nutritional state of children and adults at the CMD

Lead researcher: N. Egea, nutritionist, CMD.

In 2007 there were 58 visits. 37 were overweight or obese, 2 were obese and on an easily chewed diet; 11 were obese with dyslipemia, and 8 were malnourished (in addition to having celiac disease or dysphagia). Of 19 patients seen for weight problems or obesity, 76.3% reduced their weight, 10% remained at the same weight and 15.7% gained weight (no more than 1 kg/year). The 3 patients seen for poor weight and height growth (low weight due to undernourishment), 100% gained weight and improved their nutritional status.

Conclusion: 86.3% of patients seen in 2007 fulfilled the purpose of their visit and currently have a good dietetic and nutritional prognosis.