Past International Activities

Argentina, Italy and Venezuela
- 2012: Operazione Colombo, project coordinated by Assoziazione Italiana Persone Down (AIPD).
People with Down syndrome from these countries and Spain came together and shared an intense experience living aboard a sailing ship and thus developing self-reliance.

Cooperation with Fundação Síndrome de Down de Campinas in the form of lectures, specialized training, consulting and other exchange activities.
- 2012: Independent Living: Present actions for future possibilities. Fundação Síndrome de Down de Campinas.
- 2010: Lecture: "I have, I am, I can." Fundação Síndrome de Down de Campinas.
- 2010: Training course on the transition to adulthood of persons with disabilities and provision of support for their families. Instituto Mato Verde Louro. Santos.
- 2009: Lecture on 'School and the person with Down syndrome' within the II Fórum Internacional Síndrome de Down – A Construção de Identidade e a Relação cómo o Outro, organized in Campinas, Brazil, by Fundaçao Síndrome de Down and Brazil's Ministry of Health.
- 2009: Lecture on 'Young people and the construction of identity' within the II Fórum Internacional Síndrome de Down – A construção de Identidade e a Relação cómo o Outro, organized in Campinas, Brazil, by Fundaçao Síndrome de Down and Brazil's Ministry of Health.

- 2006: IX World Congress on Down Syndrome, Vancouver.
- 2000: National Down Syndrome Congress, Toronto.

- 2012: Launch of the 2nd Ecuadoran edition of our book 'Tu hijo con el síndrome de Down. De la A a la Z' at the Hospital Universitario Metropolitano, Quito.

El Salvador
- 2009: Lecture on sexuality and Down syndrome, Fundación Paraíso Down, within the I Congreso sobre Síndrome de Down del Salvador in San Salvador.

- 1998: Horizon program coordination meetings organized by Association Prohduire in Marseilles.

- 2010: Inclusion International XVth World Congress, 'Transforming Rights into Action', Berlin.

- 2013: 'What is essential is invisible to the eye' coordination meetings organized by the Hungarian Down Foundation, Budapest.

- 2009: 10th World Congress on Down Syndrome, 'Lifelong living and learning', Dublin.

- 2013: Coordination meetings for the 'What is essential is invisible to the eye' project organized by Associazione Italiana Persone Down (AIPD) in Rome.
- 1995: Study visit at Centro Studi USL3 to learn about mediation services in Genova. Coordination meetings for the Horizon program. Training was provided in Barcelona afterwards.

- 2013: Third Iberoamerican Congress on Down Syndrome, Monterrey.
- 2012: Monterrey Congress on Down Syndrome.

South Africa
- 2012: 11th World Down Syndrome Congress , Cape Town.

- 2011: II Encuentro Iberoamericano de médicos especialistas en Síndrome de Down (2nd Iberoamerican Meeting of Physicians Specializing in Down Syndrome), Barcelona.
- 1996: 6th World Congress on Down Syndrome, Madrid.
- International conferences organized by the FCSD.

- 2013: Roche Global Down Syndrome Advisory Board, Basle.

The Netherlands
- 1997: Horizon program coordination meetings, Stichting Zuidwester, Middelharnis.

United Kingdom
- 2013: Meeting of the London Down Syndrome Consortium, London.

- 2013: Pre-conference workshop "Proceso evolutivo de la afectividad y la sexualidad en personas con Síndrome de Down" and conference workshop "Estrategias para adquirir autonomía" at the 41st Annual Convention of the National Down Syndrome Congress in Denver, Colorado.
- 2002: National Down Syndrome Congress, Denver, Colorado.
- 1999: Visits to learn about independent living practices at the University of New Hampshire, University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Boston University.
- 1999: National Down Syndrome Congress, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
- 1993: Down Syndrome Congress, Charleston.
- 1983: First FCSD training course on early intervention at the University of Washington. The trainer, Valentine Dimitriev, continued to train FCSD staff subsequently.

Cooperation with AVESID, Caracas.
- 2010: A series of four lectures given at the AVESID XIVth International Congress on Down Syndrome 'From theory to practice'.
- 2009: Training on sexuality and disability.
- 2009: Training in mental health.

From 1995 to 2000, within the scope of the European Union's HORIZON program, the FCSD was involved in projects for on-site training and the social and occupational inclusion of people with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. Activities included counseling, assessment and monitoring to support individuals employed in mainstream companies. The project eventually gave rise to the FCSD's current employment integration service, 'Col·labora'.