The Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down (FCSD) is a non-profit private organization founded on March 30, 1984. It was declared of public benefit to society on October 24 of that year and is registered in the Registre de Fundacions Catalanes de la Generalitat under No. 61.

The FCSD was born out of a common interest, shared by parents and professionals alike, to gain a better understanding of Down Syndrome (DS) by carrying out research and doing practical work in the fields of education, psychology, medicine and welfare. From its very beginning, outstanding international scientists specialized in subjects relating to DS have given the FCSD their valuable support and on some occasions even their personal participation, if necessary.

The FCSD technical team is made up of a group of professionals specialized in psychology, education, and medicine and a group of scientific advisors. Due to its distinct pioneering spirit, the FCSD is regarded as a reference point and therefore, consulted by a large number of public and private organizations, both inside and outside Spain. The spirit which the FCSD wishes to convey is that people with DS have inherent capacities and are entitled to receive adequate resources to meet their individual needs so as to optimize their development.