Prevalence, incidence and clinical, genetic, neuropsychological and neuroimaging-detectable risk factors of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias in persons with DS

Lead researcher: Dr. M. Boada, Fundación ACE and Fundació Catalan Síndrome de Down.

The aim of this study is to find Alzheimer's disease (AD)-triggering risk factors in people with DS with a view to early detection and treatment, and in order to discover and explain pathological ageing mechanisms in the population with DS.

Derived publications:
  • Boada M, Alegret M, Buendía M, Hernández I, G. Viñas, Espinosa A, Lara S, Guitart M, Tárraga Ll. The usefulness of standard psychological testing for adults with Down syndrome and dementia. SD-DS International Medical Review on Down Syndrome. 2008; 12(1) 2-7.