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FUNCACIO CATALANA SINDROME DE DOWN, based in the city of Barcelona, post code 08029, calle Comte Borrell, 201-203, entresol, 3ª, with VAT numberG-08.897.696 and registered with the Registre de Fundacions de la Generalitat de Catalunya (hereinafter FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN), in compliance with the stipulations of the Organic law 15/1999 of the 13th of December, on Protection of information of a personal nature (LOPD Spanish acronym), informs you that the information that you provide in the forms, all of which appear on the website, are included in a personal information file which has been duly registered with the General Registry for Data Protection. The information collected here will be used by FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN with the exclusive aim of dealing with the enquires that users make via the forms and their participation through the opinions they provide within the FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN community on Facebook.

The comments will not be published directly, instead they will first be subject to revision by FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN, and may be discarded if they contravene good behaviour rules, are offensive or infringe the rights of third parties. Regardless of this, FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN will not be responsible for the effects that the publication of comments may cause to their authors and/or to third parties.

Enquiries will be limited to topics directly related to the web page. Enquiries about confidential or private aspects of FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN and/or its employees and/or represented authors, will be directly discarded and not answered. This is also the case for enquiries which are offensive or malicious comments and which do not respect the good behaviour rules.

Enquires will be governed by the following conditions:

Answers to the enquiries are principally of an informative nature and they are aimed exclusively at providing supplementary information. The information provided through these responses does not, under any circumstances, substitute the medical care provided directly by a physician to his/her patient, nor does it substitute any medical treatment the user or any third party may be receiving. The responses have no prescriptive or recommendatory aims and should always be limited to the informative framework of the website. The responses to the queries are not diagnoses nor do they recommend any treatment. For this reason any evaluation of them outside of this context will be the exclusive responsibility of the user or of any person who may have access to the information provided in the response.
The use which the user makes of the information provided to him/her in the response is the exclusive responsibility of the user, as are the consequences, both personal and material, which may result from this use and which may affect the user and/or third parties. FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN is completely exempt from any responsibility.
Under eighteens are not permitted to register. If any registration reveals that the user is a minor, we reserve the right to cancel the account. FUNDACIÓ CATALANA DE SÍNDROME DE DOWN takes no responsibility for the effects or consequences that the registration of minors may cause. At any time, the parents/tutors of a minor who may have filled in the forms without permission may revise, cancel or oppose the handling of personal information by means of a message to the following email address citing the reference "LOPD".

By sending personal information via the respective form, the user gives his/her consent for FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN to use his/her data for the previously mentioned purposes. The user must provide correct and up to date information. FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN will not be held responsible for the consequences and damage which may be caused by the publication of the information provided or of false or incorrect information.

For its part, it ensures that the personal information provided by the user will be treated in an entirely confidential way and in accordance with all the security measures established by the law, with the objective of avoiding unauthorised access or handling.

Equally, FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN, in compliance with article 5 of the LOPD, states that the act of providing information through the forms, is optional in nature and at any point, you may exercise your right to access, correct, delete and/or oppose the information provided. In the event of wishing to do this, the interested party must direct his/her claim to FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN via email to the following address indicating "LOPD" in the subject heading of the message and detailing in the content of the message the information which he/she wishes to modify or delete.

In compliance with articles 3 and 4 of the Law 25/2007 of the 18th of October of Preservation of Data Relative to Electronic Communications and Public Communication Networks, FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN, will generally retain vital information for identifying data stored and the moment when the provision of service began, for twelve months, and will retain this information for a minimum period of six months.. The obligation to retain information will not affect the privacy of the communications. Retained information will be retained securely and will not be used for purposes other than those indicated in the previously cited law.

Whenever FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN sends commercial information via email to users, the word "publicity" will appear at the start of the message which FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN sends.

Without detriment to the above and, aside the handling which FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN undertakes within the framework of the LOPD, compliance with the purposes described, users know and are familiar with the fact that part of the objective of the "Express yourself" section is to publish the data, this means that, some fields of that section will be accessible to other users.

FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN is not responsible for the consequences and effects that the publication of this information -including personal information which the user may freely choose to make public- may have on the user, his/her family, friendships and/or acquaintances or other third parties. Participation through the "Express yourself" section is entirely voluntary and is not obligatory. Publication of the information provided is not subject to any guarantee of confidentiality or to the right to privacy, as the user decides, voluntarily, that this information is made public and can be shared on social networking sites. Consequently, the user is the sole person responsible for all the events, situations, incidents, problems, amongst other things- with these being indicative and not limiting- that may be caused by the publication of the information shared by the user themselves.