Quality of Care and Quality of Life for People with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities

Quality of Care and Quality of Life For People with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities: Integrated Living, Social Inclusion and Service User Participation (Project acronym: BIS-k.o. BIS-k.o.; Propozal/contract No: 513723-DIS-QOL).

Partner organizations: Fundación Instituto Catalán de Envejecimiento (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) carried out the study. Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down contributed to the part relating to intellectual disability.

Principal researchers: Dr. R. Lucas and Dr. S. Doménech. FCSD coordinator: B. Garvía, psychologist, CMD..

This research involves 15 countries all over the world and gathers information on health, wellbeing and issues encountered by adults with physical or intellectual disabilities. Three questionnaires were created to assess quality of life, quality of care and attitudes towards people with disabilities, and were translated so that all 15 countries would have a common data collection tool for future use in assessing quality of life in each country.