Terms - Announcement

XV Ramon Trias Fargas Prize for Research on Down syndrome

All works that fulfil the following requirements may apply for the  award:

  1. They must be unpublished research works carried out in Spain. Originality and scientific interest will be valued. They must deal with medical issues related to Down’s syndrome (genetic, perinatal, or medical in general) excluding prenatal diagnosis.
  2. Applications may be presented in any of the official languages of Spain.
  3. The size will be no less than 20 pages in DIN A4 format with double spacing and no more than 50 pages.
  4. The works may be presented individually or collectively, with the backing of scientific, academic or other institutions related to Down’s syndrome, whether public or private.
  5. It will be submitted in the original and in three copies, also on computer support.
  6. The total prize money is € 6.000.
  7. The period for handing in the originals will expire on 30th September 2017.
  8. If deemed appropriate, the work will be published in the magazine of the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down (Catalan Down’s Syndrome Foundation). This does not exclude the possibility of the authors subsequently publishing in other medical journals.
  9. The Jury will comprise three personalities from the scientific world. The verdict may not be contested.
  10. The Jury may declare the prize abandoned if the level of the presented works is insufficient.
  11. The result will be made public in the last week of October 2017. The prize will be awarded in a public ceremony.
  12. The originals must include a letter of acceptance of the conditions of the award, signed by each one of the authors. The addresses, telephone numbers and other reference details of the authors must also be included.